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How to Prepare at the End of the Home Exchange Vacation

If you are into home exchange, you should be a responsible guest. You certainly want the exchange partner or exchange family to live responsibly in your own house. That is why you should also strive to do the same. Use amenities appropriately and with utmost care. You do not want to screw up and ruin several items or things before you go back home. As a decent and responsible homeowner, you should treat other homes as your own.

As you have prepared your home for the exchange arrangement, you should also prepare the home of your exchange partner before turning it back. Of course, you are also expecting to go back to a home in clean and good condition. How do you prepare to leave the exchange partner’s home? Here are some tips.

First, wash the linen and sheets you have used and fold them before putting on top of the bed after drying. Likewise, clean kitchen and bathroom towels. You may leave a short note informing the exchange partner that you have done so. Intend to leave the home exactly the way it is when you came over.

Do not forget to sweep the floor before going. It is a good deed that you mop, vacuum carpets, and put dishes (clean) back where they rightfully belong. If you have broken any plate, buy a replacement but make sure the item is exactly the same. Leave a note to inform the homeowner you did some replacement of ruined items.

Straighten up and clean all rooms you have used in the entire duration of the vacation. You should consider that the homeowner would also come tired after the travel, so be considerate in maintaining the homeliness and coziness of the house. You should understand that a messy house would just add to the weariness and tiredness of the incoming exchange partner.
It is a good gesture if you buy and leave a gift for the homeowner.

This would show your total appreciation. You might buy a good gift at the department store or specialty shop during the getaway or you may buy the gift before you go on the vacation. If you run out of good gift ideas, try a coffee-table book, scented candles, a basket of fresh fruits, souvenir items, or wine. It would be sweet if you attach a small note to the gift. It would also be nice if you would send thank you notes to the exchange partner’s neighbors who have welcomed you cordially and warmly during your short stay.

Replenish the goods you have consumed from the fridge. It is a nice and standard practice to leave perishable products like bread, fruits, cheese, bottles of drinking water, soda cans, and probably wine. Do this as a sign of courtesy to the exchange partner and his family who would surely appreciate the gesture after they arrive from hours of travel.

If home exchange facilitated a pleasurable vacation experience, you may intend to keep on doing so in the future. It is important that you kept your record clean and untarnished so that your exchange partner would be able to share it to his friends and acquaintances how good and responsible you are as home exchange guests.


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