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Checklist When Preparing for a Home Exchange

Have you entered into a home exchange agreement as you and your family intend to take a vacation elsewhere? Of course, it is just righteous and ethical that you make your house very presentable and decent for the family who would come over. You could also expect the home you would be living in during the swap to be homey and comfortable. That is why you should strive to make sure you prepare well for your home exchange.

How do you prepare appropriately and effectively? You might be surprised there might be so many preparations you should take. Worry no more. The following checklist would help you make good in preparing for a coming home exchange.

Leave operating manual or instructions so that the exchange family would rightly operate the television set, CD player, VCR, home alarm, heater and air conditioner, microwave, and vacuum cleaner. Be particular with this especially when your appliances function complicatedly.

Leave more space in drawers and closets so that the guest family could use them. It is also practical that you leave many hangers. Make sure there are enough linen for beds, kitchen towels, sufficient toilet paper, vacuum bags, and cleaners. If you got valuables, lock them in a secured compartment or a separate room.

It would be appropriate to arrange to put your mail on hold at the post office until you send notice. You do not want your guest family to receive bill statements and letters for you. For vacations longer than a week, it is also advisable to prepay all your pending bills. You should not expect your guest family to pay your dues. As for newspaper subscription deliveries, put them on hold also unless the exchange family want those papers delivered.

Leave all the necessary emergency phone numbers in a phonebook or organizer that the exchange partner could easily find and use. Include in your list numbers of the police, fire department, hospital, ambulance services, doctor, and other basic service providers. It would also be right to leave numbers of your friendly neighbors so that the family could ask anyone in the neighborhood any question or query. Do not forget to leave your name and mobile phone number so you could always be reached when there is an emergency.

It would be a nice gesture to leave some basic stuff at the refrigerator. The items could include soda, bottles of drinking water, bread, wine, and cheese. Intend such items to be consumed. Such consumables would surely be appreciated by the guest family especially after they have just arrived from the travel.

Make sure your lawn is freshly moved. The garden or yard should be tended before the exchange. If your home has a swimming pool, clean it meticulously. Remember that you are aiming to make your house very presentable and accommodating to your guests. If needed, it is also right to leave proper instructions for plant care.

Before the home exchange, talk to the exchange partner and discuss about other issues and items to be swapped. You may consider exchanging car keys. Phone bill adjustments and payments could also be arranged so that you could rest assured your guest family would not leave high utility bills when they go. Pet care arrangements also need to be discussed.

Lastly, as you intend the guest family to be clean and responsible guests, you should also do the same when you go and live for a while in your exchange partner’s home. Home exchange agreements work two-way. It is a give and take relationship.


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